Boston, MA
Apr. 3-4, 2017

Leora Horwitz

Director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science
New York University Langone Medical Center

Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS is an associate professor in the Departments of Population Health and Medicine at New York University School of Medicine. She is the founding director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science, New York University Langone Medical Center, and of the Division of Healthcare Delivery Science, Department of Population Health, New York University School of Medicine.

After receiving her A.B. degree magna cum laude in social studies from Harvard University, Dr. Horwitz earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and trained in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where she also served as chief resident. She then received a master’s degree in Health Services Research while a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at Yale University School of Medicine, and spent seven years on faculty at Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Horwitz's research focuses primarily on systems and practices intended to bridge gaps or discontinuities in care. She has studied shift-to-shift transfers among physicians and among nurses, transfers from the emergency department to inpatient units, and the transition from the hospital to home. Her work has been funded by the National Institute on Aging, the Hartford Foundation, the American Federation for Aging Research, the Patterson Family Trust, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. Under contract to CMS, Dr. Horwitz led the development of the all-condition 30-day readmission quality measure for hospitals that is endorsed by the National Quality Forum and is now publicly reported. At NYU, Dr. Horwitz is the PI of the NYU Patient Imaging Quality and Safety Laboratory (funded by AHRQ) and of the Greater New York City Practice Transformation Network (funded by CMS).

April 4, 2017
9:05am - 9:50am
America South – Fourth Floor
Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS is director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science at New York University Langone Medical Center. In her keynote presentation, she'll discuss how to use academic research to improve care, outcomes, and patient safety while addressing real-world healthcare delivery challenges like reducing readmissions, clinician communication, and patient follow-ups.
April 4, 2017
10:05am - 10:45am
America South – Fourth Floor

How do you take care of the most vulnerable populations – Medicaid recipients and those struggling with mental health and substance abuse? How do you engage them in their care and drive better outcomes and slow spending? It’s a difficult task.

Our speakers will kick off this session by addressing that question head on, discussing what has and hasn’t worked and what approaches hold the most promise.

From there, we’ll open discussion to attendees.

The Patient Engagement Genius Bar is a takeoff on the name for the in-store tech support provided in retail Apple Stores.

Do you have a question about data and analytics, care coordination, patient engagement or some topic not covered in earlier forum? This is the session to get those questions answered.

We'll have two floor microphones and our expert panelists will take audience questions as they come.

Think of this session as a big brainstorming and networking session. Our experts will provide their best, unbiased advice, but we can also pull on the collective experience of the all attendees.

April 4, 2017
10:45am - 11:25am
America South – Fourth Floor

One of the most valuable ways to learn is through interaction with your peers. Our “Speed Networking” session will provide an opportunity to meet speakers and attendees who have similar pop health challenges and discuss solutions to those potential obstacles. Mingle, share and learn in this unique, rapid fire and interactive environment.

If you missed a speaker during Monday’s concurrent afternoon sessions on data, care coordination, and patient engagement, here’s your chance to talk to that speaker.

Each speaker will be stationed at a table in the ballroom and attendees can circulate and speak one-on-one with individual speakers.

This is a great opportunity to gather information that addresses your organization’s specific pop health challenges.


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